If you are planning a staycation this summer, whether out of necessity due to your travel arrangements being disrupted or that was always the plan for summer 2021, here’s our guide to a few hacks and tips that won’t cost the earth, (or any money at all), but will provide you with a couple of good stories to tell your coworkers when you get back to the office.

They may require a little creativity and planning, but more importantly these ideas will fit into a day or even a few hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to languish in your own home and avoid your responsibilities so you can spend your time just chillin’.

Whether you have a significant other to hole up with or you take some time to really treat just yourself, these staycation ideas will help you live your best summer even if you’re on a tight budget.

Here are our 6 top Staycation ideas:

  1. Find time to sit down and enjoy a good book. It’s difficult with the pace of modern life to set time aside each day for this easy, relaxing exercise. Which is why a home staycation is the perfect time to reintroduce this beneficial pastime.  Remember though to stay hydrated, so maybe have a handy water bottle close by to avoid unnecessary trips from and to your chosen place of rest.

2. Pack up a delicious picnic. Find a soft rug or suitable groundsheet, camping chairs/cushions and either make some ‘easy to eat’ finger food or pop along to a local supermarket for a quick stock up on picnic essentials. Maybe even pack a couple of beers and/or bottle of wine, and head off to your local park, water front or nearby beauty spot for a relaxing evening of just watching life go by.

3. Find a local event, summer fair or local point of interest to visit. Despite recent times, these events are starting to spring up all over the place as life slowly returns to normal. More importantly the organisers desperately want visitors to attend, so currently there are many local events that offer free entry or ask a minimum fee for adults, with children entering for free.  Check out your local tourist information for the most up to date details.



4. Decorate your outdoor space with solar garden lights. These are cost effective, easy to install and will add ambience, colour and interest to your garden, back yard or patio area throughout the summer season. Plus with careful looking after i.e. bringing them in over winter, etc, these will last you for several years to come.


5. Enjoy a scenic bike ride. Bicycle route maps are available through your local tourist information, or take your bike to a nearby park. Fresh air, exercise and nature are invigorating, great for mental health and relaxing all at the same time.  Alternatively, if you belong to a local gym, sign up for one of their new classes and learn a new dance or exercise. Also lots of gyms offer a free trial period, so this maybe another way to trying something new. It’s always good to broaden our interests as you never know what opportunities may open up as a result of being open minded to new experiences.



6. Camp out in your garden or back yard. Sleeping under the stars is great fun for all the family. Set up your tent, light a fire (or barbecue) and enjoy a bit of family story telling or card games. Try to only use the house for necessities so that you fully embrace the ‘sleeping outside’ experience.

As with all things in life, keep it simple. Don’t try to do everything, you’ll just end up overwhelmed and exhausted. If you wish to find extra activities to do – why not think about Hosting a Cooking Night or Film Night with friends, going off a day trip to the coast, hosting a spa session or best of all, maybe exchange houses with a friend for a weekend? Whatever you decide to do, my advice is to relax and choose what resonates with you.

Happy Holidays, Anne-Marie x

About the author : Anne-Marie Carswell

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