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It’s January, the start of the year. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet or are you a firm believer in not making any and seeing how the year pans out. If there is one resolution you can make, it should be to look after yourself.

We are all so busy running around here and there, taking the children to school, to parties and to their friends, doing the housework, working, meeting friends and visiting family. The list goes on and on. When was the last time that you stopped and did something for yourself? Think about it, when was it? I bet you can’t remember or it was only five minutes to yourself hiding in the kitchen taking a breather after cooking the Christmas dinner.

So let this year be the year of you, by making time for yourself everyday. Here’s how you can do it; from taking 5 minutes every day to taking a full weekend away.

Aqua licious water bottle | Happy Flamenco

Those are just seven ways that you can look after yourself this year. There are so many others and I would love to hear how you are approaching self care. I  know what I would choose, I just need to beg my husband to see if he fancies a long weekend away.

Best Wishes, Anne-Marie

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