Without doubt the most common question that we are constantly asked is “how do you find your products?” And our answer is … 4 x trade shows a year, apprx. 2,500 exhibitors at each show and 100,000’s products to see, touch, feel and ultimately decide … is this the one?

So with this in mind, here’s our personal view of what we think will be the trends and/or themes for 2018 …

Fiesta | Tropical | Exotic

Brightly coloured tableware, exotic birds of paradise and a true abundance of colour. 2018 will be no different as the trend for crystal blues, hot pinks & neon greens continues. Add some metallics and glitter balls – yes they are back! – and this year promises to be a visually exciting year. BTW – see if you can spot the Cocktail Socks?

Sequins & Fairy Tale

Last year sequins were still confined largely to clothing, with one or two exceptions. This year they have migrated to pencil cases, notebooks, cushions and even Christmas stockings – already! Which leads us directly to unicorns and mermaids – still on the ascendancy so expect to see more and more as we progress through 2018.

Games | Family

We read recently that 2018 will see a drive towards more quality family time away from screens and technology, and therefore parental focus is increasing in terms of finding products that assist their children’s learning. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but with the likes of David Walliams joining the games market, watch this space.

Her | Mum | Girls | Women

An incredibly popular theme that shows no sign of waning is the Star motif. Depicted in a variety of materials from sequins (being the most obvious choice), to leather, wool, cashmere, acrylic – and of course not forgetting LED! Any why not? They have a hugely broad appeal as none of us can resist the twinkling of a star! Not wishing to be left out of ‘the club’, keep an eye out for our own Star Collection to be launched very soon.

Outdoor | Social
Which leads neatly onto outdoor entertaining.  Whilst the British summer can be fairly unpredictable, we all still enjoy a get together of some sort and any products that enhance this shared outdoor experience are a bonus.  Hence some brilliant new products that are being launched in the UK this year – in particular look out for The Beach Glass (designed to sit in sand, snow and even float!) and the Solar-Powered Starburst light. Both are a must-have for summer 2018.

Him | Dad | Men | Boys

Since 2014 there has been an explosive increase in the range of male grooming products and 2018 looks set to continue this trend. Whilst not all men wish to receive a beauty product per se, there are now a huge variety of Men’s Kits available. Our personal favourite… the Glitter Beard Kit created “to enrich and enliven the senses through sight and touch” available with either green, blue, red or silver glitter. Just what every man needs!

If you think we have missed an emerging trend or theme for 2018, then please let us know as we would love to hear your thoughts.