Top 10 summer essentials this year

With the school holidays on our doorstep and all this glorious hot weather the UK is experiencing at the moment, now is the time to start planning and stocking up on those essential items you need to survive the 6-week summer holiday, a staycation in the UK, or a family holiday abroad. These will all hopefully help to make your summer simpler, easier and far more stylish. With that in mind here are the top 10 essentials you need this summer.

Aqua-Licious Water Bottle, Pineapple, in garden with sunhat
The Beach Glass
Suntan Lotion
Star on Canvas Small Bag
Campfire Survival Cards
Ideal Home Magazine
Set of 3 Travel Bags with shoes
RICE Melamine cups stacked on table
Colour in Unicorn Cape

Wherever you’re off to this summer, this list should help to create an ideal summer for you and your family.