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There are just under six weeks to go until the big day. I don’t know about you, but it feels like this year has really flown by. Following a couple of recent Christmas fairs, I am now starting to get into the Christmas spirit, which is perfectly acceptable for November. I find that December passes by in the blink of an eye because of the children finishing school and all the festivities, so I’m happy to get into the spirit now rather than wait until the start of December, and that includes starting the Christmas shopping.

Here at gift it 2 there are so many unique and beautiful gifts for all of your loved ones, and I’ve captured a few below to provide you with a lot of inspiration. There is also so much more on our website too, but here are just a few of the favourites.

Gifts for her

Silver, gold or black Glitter Bag

A brilliant gift for someone who loves a party or who loves adding a bit of bling to their outfit. This bag would look great on New Years Eve, or simply as a smaller cosmetic bag inside a larger day bag, allowing her to take her outfit from day to evening. It really would make a great Christmas gift, now all you have to do is decide on the colour.

Rectangle Glitter Bag £12.

Rectangle Glitter Bag | Unusual gift for her

Rose Gold Metallic Tote Bag

One of my favourites is our Rose Gold Metallic Tote Bag made from soft Italian leather. It works with practically every outfit, looks stylish, and is large enough to fit everything that she needs including her laptop, and bits and bobs for the kids. Tempted? I promise that she will love it and will be using it everyday just like I am with mine.

Metallic Tote Bag £55.

Rose Gold Metallic Tote Bag | Unusual gift for her

Gravity Cube Click Clock

A great way to stop sleeping with your phone next to your head, but still have the means to tell the time is with our Gravity Cube Click Clock. A simple tap or a turn of the clock enables snooze, turns off the alarm, or displays the time with a click of the fingers. Plus it comes in pink or grey to match either her bedroom or home office.

Gravity Cube Click Clock £30

Gravity Cube Click Clock | Gift for her

Gifts for him

Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

Small, solid and beautifully hand crafted, these bluetooth speakers have quality written all over them. The aesthetics of the speakers are stunning as is the sound quality from such a small object. They are ideal for the traveller or for listening outdoors on a sunny afternoon, plus they are a lovely gift for the man who may appear to have everything.

Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker £45

Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker | Unusual gift for him

Beer Caddy “drink beer save water”

If he’s the one who is always bringing the beer to the party then he’ll definitely want them to arrive cold. Our canvas beer caddies mean he can do just that. Made out of recycled army tents they will keep his beer cool for hours, saving him the need to reach for the water. Perfect for summer, and this will also be a talking point at a New Years Eve party too!

Canvas Beer Caddy £22.50

LED Flip Alarm Clock

More than just an alarm clock this is an object of style for his office or bedside. Beautifully made with a feel of quality on every corner, this clock is so named because you flip it over to set/turn off the alarm. With touch sensitive controls and the option of time displayed or not, all you have to do is to decide which finish he would prefer, Cherry or Walnut?

LED Flip Alarm Clock £40

LED Flip Alarm Clock | Unusual gift for him

Gifts for kids

Stegosaurus LED Table Lamp

Allow the stegosaurus to scare away all those bedtime monsters, and be loved by children of any age. This LED table lamp will look brilliant in your child’s room, used as either a bedtime reading light or as a nightlight through the night keeping those monsters at bay. Powered by mains transformer plug (inc).

Stegosaurus LED Table Lamp £29.95

LED Table Lamp | Children lighting ideas

Unicorn Bright Eyes Hat

One of our favourites, a hat that thinks it’s a torch. Perfect for children of any age (and adults too) where the eyes of the hat light up with the built-in LEDs helping your child stay safe when they are out and about on these dark evenings. Great for the school run and available in other designs.

Bright Eyes Hat – Unicorn £18.

Pom Pom Hair Ties

Our Pom Pom Hair Ties make a perfect stocking filler or as an add-on gift, and should bring a smile to any child’s face, as they are bright, colourful, fun and vibrant. Suitable for younger and older children, these should hopefully be an accessory to help make hair brushing that little more desirable.

Pom Pom Hair Ties £6.75

Gifts for teens

Studious Stu PopSockets PopGrip

Their mobile phone isn’t complete without a Pop Socket especially featuring this gorgeous pup; Studious Stu. Designed to allow them to hold their phone easier when taking photos, using a prop to watch videos, and something that they can wrap their headphones around. These make a great value stocking filler and there are many other designs available on the website.

PopSockets PopGrip – Studious Stu £11.50

PopSockets PopGrip | Studious Stu | Unusual gift for teens

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

There is now no reason why they should never tidy their laundry again. Our Punch Bag Laundry Bag comes with a caribiner hook and needs to have at least some washing in it to remain punchable thanks to its resilient tough woven fibres. Perfect for teens, the bag is made out of a robust canvas and leather top and bottom. Hopefully  now you’ll be able to see their floor without dirty washing strewn all over it.

Punch Bag Laundry Bag £22.50

Audiobots Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Small, bright, colourful, with its own unique knitted beanie, our Audiobots have amazing sound quality and can easily sync up to their audio device and smartphone. There are a variety of colours available and they make a brilliant gift if you have two teenagers in the house, as I’m offering two for £36.00, and they would make a great stocking filler too!

Audiobot Portable Bluetooth Speaker £20, or 2 for £36

Audiobot Portable Speaker | gift for teens

Gifts for the home

‘I am very busy’ Mugs

These mugs make me laugh every time I see them, as you can guarantee that I’ll be doing one of the things on the mugs or procrastinating. Whether you have Mum, Dad or a ‘hard to buy for’ teen in mind, if the message sounds like someone you know, then make them smile on Christmas day with one of these.  Designed and made to be totally practical, they are suitable for both the dishwasher and microwave.

I am very busy Mug £10

I am very busy Mug | Unusual gifts for the house

Starburst LED Hanging Lights

These remote control operated lights are perfect as a Christmas decoration, yet would also make a brilliant Christmas gift as they can be used all year round for a New Years Eve party or for a BBQ on a summer’s evening. They can be displayed inside or outdoors, and even better they can be turned on and off with a remote control so you can hang them in all those hard to reach places, making them even more of a permanent feature.

Starburst LED Hanging Lights £24

Starburst LED Hanging Light | Unusual gift for the house

White Pom Pom LED String Lights

One of my favourite items for the home are these Pom Pom lights that can be used over the festive season and throughout the year as well! They would look lovely in your living room, bedroom or child’s bedroom. With 200 Pom Poms on a 9 metre string (6 metres illuminated)! they can easily be strung up around a staircase or fireplace or around a door or mirror  to stunning effect. Also available in pretty pink.

Pom Pom String Lights – White £33.50

Pom Pom LED String Lights | White | unusual gift for home

Those are just some Christmas gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list. Want to see more head over to the website for more unique and unusual gifts.

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