At Gift It 2 we are constantly on the look out for truly original products and with Myra Bag we think we have found i!  They are totally NEW to the UK! Introduced by Gift It 2 as their EXCLUSIVE UK retailer, we are super excited to be promoting this environmentally friendly fashion range of bags and accessories.

Myra Bag Leather Apron

Myra Bag believe one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Hence their products are made from recycled army surplus canvas and upcycled leather and cowhide. Manufactured in India and until now only exported to the US and Canada, we believe Myra Bag offer an original, great value for money product.  As highlighted in our #Spring2018 Trends / Themes Blog, the theme of “stars” is just as strong this year, as it was last, and Myra Bag have cleverly captured this with their use of leather and canvas star accents.  Only using natural vegetable tanning processes, their vintage inspired look is boho-chic, totally practical and brilliantly affordable!

They are so new…some are in stock now, and with more stock arriving very soon.

Here are our top ten favourites …so far! Let us know ( if you agree or are there others in our collection that you prefer @

Myra Bag Leather Apron

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