Switching to an eco friendly lifestyle blog post
Switching to an eco friendly lifestyle

Everywhere I look at the moment there are messages, articles, social media posts about making the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and everyday I read the headlines about the war on plastic. It’s encouraging to see that many brands and businesses are trying to reduce their plastic consumption, yet there is still so much of it out there which is pretty scary.

Here at Gift It 2 one of our greatest values is to be as eco-friendly as possible; from the way that I run the business through to the products that I sell. As eco-friendly becomes more and more of a focus, here are just a few of the lovely gifts that fall under my eco-friendly category and how they can help you switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bags, bags, bags

I am over the moon with the huge range of recycled cowhide and leather bags I have here at Gift It 2. From handbags to crossbody bags to rucksacks and to purses, there is something here for you or for a loved one. Each bag is made in India from genunine cowhide and leather, meaning there is nothing faux, nor huge manufacturing processes behind it. With animal print and the drive to being more environmentally friendly high on the agenda these bags are worth their small (ish) weight in gold.

Compact Cowhide Travel Bag | Weekend Travel Bag for him
Leather and Hide Small Backpack | ladies backpack
White Cocoa Hide Crossbody Bag | ladies fashion bag
Ebon Hide Crossbody Bag | ladies fashion handbag

More bags, bags, bags, this time canvas!

Just like the cowhide and leather bags, our canvas bags are all made from recycled or upcycled canvas. Just think another man’s trash is your treasure! Perfect. Reducing landfill and turning that unwanted item into a unique item for yourself. Again the range is huge; from handbags to tote bags to rucksacks to travelling companions. All are incredibly well made and set to stand the test of time. Something I love about these bags is that no two bags are the same as often they contain markings from the original canvas, so it’s almost like having a little piece of history on your shoulders.

Canvas Duffle Bag
Honeybee Print Backpack
Freedom of Star Handbag

Say no to plastic with our brand new skittle bottles

We are really excited here at Gift It 2 this week to launch the fun and stylish range of Lund London Skittle Bottles, that are quirky too so they are bound to be a talking point. I am hugely aware of the impact that plastic can have on our environment and indeed our oceans. One of the ways you can reduce your plastic consumption is by switching all of those purchased bottles of water when out and about to a refillable water bottle, plus it’ll also save you money too! Designed for adults and kids; select either a white bottle with a dark grey lid, or dark grey bottle with a mint lid! Then for the kids I have three colourways with either a heart or a laugh or a wink lid. Plus, additional face tops can be purchased as well to add more fun to your gift idea.

Lund London Skittle Bottle | Turquoise & Coral Laugh
Lund London Skittle Bottle Lid | White Smile
Lund London Skittle Bottle |Dark Grey & Mint Grey
Lund London Skittle Bottle Lid | White Wink

It’s a straw that fits in your handbag

Although there appears to be a mass switch to paper straws and recyclable straws I am still coming across plastic straws when out and about. Our brand new stainless steel collapsible straw made out of recycled stainless steel takes away that worry. The fact that it is collapsible and extendable means that it is really easy to use on the go and for mums with children who always seem to want a straw. Available in dark grey or mint, this is one less straw that will be added to the 4.4 million that are estimated to be thrown away each year.

Switch from a plastic bag to a canvas beer caddy

Our canvas beer caddies are bound to make your smile and could be the talking point at a party. Instead of lugging your beer from door to door in a ‘bog standard’ plastic carrier bag, our recycled canvas beer caddies will keep your beer cool and will also take away that need for single-use plastic. Choose from two designs that are both made from recycled canvas, so you’ll be doing your bit to re-use an item that was once someone else’s trash.

Those are just some of the ways and products that I’m selling here at Gift It 2 to help support and sustain a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you would like to find out more about how our products can benefit you or a loved one head over to our website

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