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Audiobots, Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Get the party started with these Beanie hat wearing Audiobots bluetooth speakers!

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Audiobots are a powerful, petit portable amplified speaker BOT with 2000 milliwatts of high quality sound. Each BOT comes with its own unique knit beanie, making each BOT different from the next.

Audiobots have a built-in lithium battery that plays for 2+ hours when fully charged, and have a range of up to 30ft / 10metres. Each BOT is presented in its own box which also includes 2 x cables – 1 x 3.5mm aux-in cable and 1 x micro USB cable for charging.  Audiobots connect to any bluetooth enabled device or smart phone (iphone or android).

There are 6 BOT colours available: Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green & Yellow. N.B. Please note that Beanie hat colours vary with each BOT and cannot be pre-selected.



  • max output power: 2000 milliwatts
  • channel: mono
  • signal to noise ratio (S/N): ≥ 80dB
  • frequency range: 180Hz-20KHz
  • distortion THD: ≤ 1%


  • size: 32mm (inner magnet)
  • resistance: 4 ohms
  • power: 2000 milliwatts


  • on/off switch
  • rated voltage: 3.7V DC
  • battery: LI-POLY, 3.7V/230mA
  • duration: 2-4 hours
  • charge voltage: 5V 0.25V
  • recharge time: 2 hours

BOT size: height 9.5cm x width 5.5cm

Boxed dimensions: height 10.5cm x width 7.5cm x depth 6.5cm

Suitable for 6+ years

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