Gold Power Bank & Mirror

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Gold Power Bank & Mirror


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Holds charge for your phone/tablet, while providing a handy compact for quick make-up checks.

Only 1 left in stock


This Pretty Useful Power Bank & Mirror holds charge for your phone, while providing a handy compact for quick make-up checks. Once charged, this power bank holds enough power to easily provide a full charge for your mobile and/or tablet, making it a perfect companion for festivals, holidays or after work drinks.

Packaged in a neat presentation box, this on-trend girlie gadget is a truly original, practical and stylish gift.

  • Takes up to 2 hours from empty to full charge.
  • Flashing lights mean:
    Constant light – fully charged
    Light flashes 4 times – 75 – 99% charged
    Light flashes 3 times – 50-75% charged
    Light flashes 2 times – 25-50% charged
    Light flashes once – 25% charged
    No light = no charge


  • 21cm USB charging cable
  • micro USB
  • iPhone socket and power settings
  • 5600mAh capacity

Product dimensions: 2.3cm x 8.2cm x 8.2cm

Box dimensions: 3cm x 15cm x 15cm


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