House “Polite Notice”


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Out of stock

We all know what legends our Mums are, so it’s great to finally put it in black and white and remind everyone else in the home that they don’t live in a hotel! Produced by Catherine Colebook, this Polite Notice will make a wonderful house warming gift idea, perfect present for your bestie friend or simply a funny gift for yourself.

Printed on high quality 220gsm cartridge paper, this totally original Polite Notice will be appreciated by everyone – but mainly your Mum who will love the fact that she no longer has to repeat the same mantra on a daily basis, as the Notice can now do that for her! Brilliant gift idea.


  • Size: A3
  • Black background white writing
  • Copyright Catherine Colebrook Ltd
  • Print only (supplied unframed)

For additional Catherine Colebrook house warming gift ideas see China Mug Chocolate is for Life, I am VERY busy Mugs, and Luxury Linen Eye Mask ‘wake daddy up’.

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